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Take A Nap CoD, You're Drunk

By MrJenssen22-01-2014

And you thought Levolution was a dumb word. Well, it still is a dumb word. A really dumb word. A really really, really dumb word. But you know Activision and EA. They have to compete about everything. Even who invents the dumbest word seems to be a competition for these guys.

This new trailer for the upcoming Onslaught DLC for Call of Duty 10 (or 'Ghosts') seems to take a new spin on the DLC trailer tradition for Activision. Most of the trailer is live action, and looks suspiciously inspired by Christopher Nolan's moviemaking practices. Well, at least he never "CODnapped" anyone in his movies.

Yeah, you see this trailer proclaims that, if you have a social life that you desperately want out of so you can play the next instalment of the ever-changing Call of Duty franchise, then these tough guys lead by Stephen Graham, can help you out. They'll arrange a covert operation that aims to ki- uh, I mean CODnap you right in under your loved ones' noses without them noticing, and bringing you back unharmed whenever you realize that playing Call of Duty kind of doesn't compare to having someone there for you.

At the very end of the trailer comes the stuff that actually kind of matters. The new DLC sports an unsurprising amount of maps - four, plus one more map for the cooperative Extinction mode - and a weapon. And that's it. If you're one of the people who get really excited to hear about all this, then I'm pretty sure you're also the kind of person who doesn't need "codnapping" from loved ones in the first place, so I'm not quite sure who this trailer is aimed at. But hey, that's just grumpy old me.

The DLC is available for purchase on January 28. No, wait. Hold on a minute. Sorry, that's January 28 IF you are playing on Xbox. " other platforms" are to follow sometime later, once the timed exclusivity rights that Microsoft paid Activision for, runs out.

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I watched this last night and to be fair I thought it was quite funny. I never intend on buying any of the DLC but I did enjoy the trailer. Plus Stephen Graham is an awesome actor, just watch This is England!

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Awesome commercial

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