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Tactical Strike – Latest ARMA 3 Screen Drop

By Toast07-06-2013

Have a look at the latest ARMA 3 screenshots, courtesy of Bohemia Interactive. The screenshots are confirmed to be footage of the full game and of the upcoming Beta, showing off the main island in the game, known as Atlis. We have also learned that more footage and likely, more details will be revealed during E3.

If you can't wait for E3 next week, Bohemia is hosting an official pre-E3 streaming event for anyone that is interested in seeing some more footage. If you want to watch the livestream that they'll be hosting tomorrow at 17:00 UTC, head on over to their official Twitch stream.

Also we still have some keys left if you want to try out the Lite version.

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Posts: 341

thought performance was improved while playing insurgency.

But nerp as soon as I get to the town it goes sub 25fps.

Posts: 341

Fix the cartoony trees bohemia damnit. This isnt oblivion where you paste giant round decals to the branches.