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System Shock Remake Screens Emerge

By WskOsc26-11-2015

Thanks to AllGamesBeta we have our first look at the upcoming remake of the FPS-horror classic System Shock being developed by Night Dive Studios who are best known for their work on restoring dozens of old games (including System Shock 2) for sale on GOG and other digital distribution sites. They've had their hands in the innards of many classics and managed to re-release them to great success over the years, often with fixes to make them play nice with modern operating systems and hardware.

Which brings us to their latest foray into restoration, System Shock. Night Dive are going the extra mile this time, not simply fixing and re-releasing the game but remaking the whole thing from the ground up. It looks like the work is in a similar vein to recent console remasters like Halo 2 and Gears Of War in that the original mechanics will be intact but a large amount of design and modelling work has gone into replacing the maps, models, and textures to bring the game up to modern standards of prettiness.

You can check out the screens for yourself below, they show the same scenes in both the original game and the remaster as close as it's possible to recreate them. We're just not sure our hearts can take another trip through Citadel Station with SHODAN, just typing out the name gives us willies. Heh, willies.

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