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System Shock: Enhanced Edition Arises

By zethalee25-09-2015

Exactly 20 years after the first release of System Shock, Night Dive Studios, publishers of other remade classic titles such as Turok and System Shock 2 are back with one of the most influential games ever made: System Shock. Known for its deep customization and unsettling world, System Shock has influenced every game from Deus Ex to Metal Gear Solid and Half-Life, and it's only fitting that it comes with a few new enhancements for modern systems, while not changing the central gameplay.

The two major features added are mouselook support, and widescreen support, at least up to XGA (1024x768), and widescreen is 854x480. Not only that, but there's an updated and more user-friendly inventory and item management system, bugfixes, and controls that can be remapped, ensuring that everything can be designed to your liking.

Not only that, but by purchasing the game on GOG, you can secure yourself a 20% discount, bumped up to 40% if you already own System Shock 2, and every copy of the Enhanced Edition comes with a Classic edition of the game with no modern improvements, so you can see just how much the title has been improved, and how much it has changed since its original release as well. The Enhanced Edition is priced at $7.99 USD with the basic discount, so if you're a fan of classic gaming history, pop on over and immerse yourself in the world of System Shock.

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