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System Shock 2, Even More Shocking

By Merc12-02-2013

System Shock 2 is praised by gamers that have played it, some would say that it is one of the best horror games of all time. I have not played it (boo Merc), but that may change in the future for me and other PC gamers that never got the chance to play this classic. System Shock 2 may be getting a re-release on Steam and GOG sometime in the future. In an article over at FleshEatingZipper, where the news came to light and it points towards nightdivestudios as the source. The only information on that page is the news that System Shock will return on GOG and Steam. Most of the information is vague on what the specific details are for the release of this classic game but it looks like PC gamers will be able to try out this game sometime in the future. 

There is an update on FleshEatingZipper stating that there is supposed to be a new trailer sometime soon and a possible release not that far off. We shall see.

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Posts: 1548

I still remember me playing it back in the day. I think it was my first game where I encountered "mouse look". Felt so weird at the time. Though I never finished it and I'll be sure to pick it up when its out on Steam.

Posts: 37

Interesting. Heard a lot about this game after Bioshock's release. Mostly good things which made me curious. Might get it, if it is indeed released.