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Syndicate Out But Not For Us

By StuntmanLT26-10-2015

With the launch of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate we have two trailers each reflecting one of the twin protagonist, Jacob and Eve. The trailers are almost identical just showing each playable character instead of the other doing their thing - beating or killing some Londoners, vandalizing historical buildings and just being pompous pricks in general.

But the biggest problem with these launch trailers is that the game is out but not for us – the PC crowd. The game has been released on consoles and but will come out on PC in another almost 4 weeks on November 19th. The game is reportedly having some issues on Xbone and PS4 but even with the delay don’t expect that time to go into “polishing” the game. I expect the PC version to be on par with the consoles but I dare you to prove me wrong Ubisoft. That said I’m still happy to have this, or any other, game on PC, even if it’s a tad late.

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