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Syndicate Developers Bringing You Storm

By Merc22-01-2013

The guys who brought you The Chronicles of Riddick and the more recent Syndicate are developing a sci-fi, co-op, first person shooter. This is intriguing for sure but for details on what the game is at all will have to be reserved for another time. The main page for the game offers absolutely no detail. There is a picture and a few sentences ending with, "It is our future." While Syndicate was not hailed as an amazing game it was solid regardless, The Chronicles of Riddick is also held in high regard by many gamers. Also on the site there is a tease for the next Payday game. Anyone going to keep an eye on Storm, let us know in the comments.


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Posts: 27

This better not be Warframe with cover. Co-op shooters need to go above and beyond.

Posts: 1317

Well Syndicate was poop, a disgrace to the original franchise and an equal disgrace to its price-tag. But Starbreeze DID indeed make Riddick, which was one of the best movie-licensed game of all time. So I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Also, what's with not mentioning the developer's name in the article?