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SW:TOR's Galactic Starfighter Expansion Now Free for Everyone

By CameronW06-02-2014

Those of you who still pay attention to Star Wars: The Old Republic are probably aware of that Galactic Starfighter expansion that came out a while ago that allowed for customized ships and spaceship pvp and all that cool stuff. Well, up until now non premium players have been out of luck as it was reserved for the subscription payers, but have no fear! Good guy BioWare is letting the free to play gamers have a crack at the expansion for free!

Knowing BioWare i'm getting the feeling that there's probably a lot of catches, though. They don't exactly have a good track record of not treating F2P players like second class citizens. Really though, action bars behind a paywall, really?

Not only are they just unlocking Galactic Starfighter for the F2P guys, they're also releasing a big ol' patch alongside it. The patch notes are full of a bunch of stuff from new scoreboards, record keeping, a team deathmatch game mode, and a new Bomber ship role for Galactic Starfighter; to a wall of class changes and a new feature called "Tactical Flashpoints" that act a lot like Scenarios from Warcraft: 3 random dudes in a quick event. You can of course read the finer details of the patch here.

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