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SWTOR – Making of Makeb

By NeonAnderson11-03-2013

In this latest video released by BioWare, two of the game's developers discuss how they went about creating the planet of Makeb. Hall Hood, Lead Writer, and Ryan Dening, Lead Concept Artist, explain what players can expect to experience on Makeb, as well as what their favourite things are about the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion.

First of all, it is only possible to access Makeb if you have purchased the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack. So what is Makeb all about then? The main goal with the expansion is to give players a brand new planet to explore, joined with an epic story that would affect the entire galaxy.

Makeb is all about telling a story through visual impact, while of course there are quests and a continuation of the player's story arc from the main game, the landscapes and environment of Makeb alone will be providing a lot of story experience for the players.

WARNING! Spoilers follow for those who have not finished the main game yet and all the recent game content additions.

The Republic has scored some decisive victories, while the fate of the Emperor remains shrouded in mystery. At the same time the Dread Masters are on the loose and are threatening to destroy everybody. The war between the Republic and the Empire wages on and resources are getting short. This leads in to Makeb; the planet is a resource rich planet so the interests of both factions on this planet are obvious. But there are also other forces at play here, the Hutts are becoming greedy and want to expand their own dominion on Makeb. In response to this, both the Republic and Empire send their best heroes (the players) to Makeb to deal with this crisis and gain the planet's allegiance.

Makeb is a very unique and lush world, where due to the landscape the cities and buildings are built atop massive rock pillars that arise out of the oceans. In addition to this, Makeb's atmosphere interferes with space ships, due to this the only way on and off the planet is large Gravity Hooks. These are enormous turbo lifts that go all the way from the surface up into space. These lifts can also be seen by the player in the distance and will really show them the epic scale of the planet. The planet will also feature Storm Carriers that are specially designed to work within the planet's atmosphere and look like a battleship mixed with a Hutt Sail Barge. In addition to these, the expansion will feature some new visual technologies. One of which are these beautiful waterfalls that the developers could not do before as they did not have that technology yet.

In the coming weeks the more will be shown about the Rise of the Hutt Cartel. The expansion will come in Spring 2013 and can be pre-ordered on the official website.

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Great engine they're using there..

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Technology we didn't have?