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SWTOR 2.0 Update Redesigns PVP

By Merc08-04-2013

The old PVP environment in Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to receive a facelift. With the bolster system in place before the new update players could join a PVP match at a low level and it would boost them to a proper level to compete. The only problem with that system is that those same new players would have low level gear. So how do you think that went?

In a recent developer blog, the new update is outlined for the full story on what the update will entail. In order to balance the PVP even more with new players BioWare states that, "Rather we look at each one of the Item Ratings (including the Mods, Augments, Armorings, etc. that go into the armor/weapon) of the current equipped gear and base the amount of stats given based on these values. The worse your items are the more stats you are given to get you to the base value we want every PvPer to be at." There will also be new brackets added to the game that will complement the new bolster system in place. Time will tell if these things balance the multiplayer or not. The new update will be released on April 9th and hopefully will bring in new players. Guess they better use the force!

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PvP. Cool.

But what about PvE?