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SW: The Old Republic F2P Model Tweaked

By Bis18marck7029-10-2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic can be classed as one of those attempts to take a successful and well-received series, change its formula and then hope that players will hail it for all eternity. As we know, that didn’t happen and as such, SWTOR is slowly but surely going towards the dreaded F2P model. Similar to all MMO’s that turned F2P, certain game aspects will receive a stark limit to it unless you decide to open your purse. SWTOR will not be any different and we’ve given you some idea of the things they will miss out on. Although it is quite natural that a F2P-player will not have the same access to content as a paying one, SWTOR’s model was seen to be especially harsh and a roar of upset followed.

Now, after ‘internal and community feedback’ as well as ‘further deliberation’, lead designer Damion Schubert has issued a small statement on the official forums showing that a few things have been tweaked with the hope of being a bit more forthcoming to the F2P player base. Other than planned before, ‘Free-to-Play players will now receive a second quickslot bar, be able to do 5 Warzones per week and the Cartel Coin item lock (i.e.. a temporary bind) will be reduced to 3 days’.

However, if you are one of those that will give SWTOR another shot when it goes F2P, you shouldn’t get too excited about these changes as this will probably be as forthcoming as BioWare/ EA will be on this topic. As Schubert points out:

‘That being said, one of our golden rules is that the Free-to-Play experience should not cheapen the experience for paying subscribers. If it turns out that the Free-to-Play conversion results in a degraded Warzone experience once we go live for subscribers, you can rest assured that we will quickly make adjustments to the system to ensure that subscribers have an optimal experience.’

Upon the implementation of F2P, will you give SWTOR a reinstall or do you feel like trying it out for the first time? Feel free to share your opinion down below.

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Posts: 233

They probably try to make the subscribers feel like an exalted group to keep the numbers they have now. If someone is enjoying the game atm, they might not want to 'downgrade' that far and thus continue to pay while not feeling like other, non-paying players are cheating him out .

Also,that way the new F2P players will be tempted to pay a subscription - at least for a month, as the main limitations only really kick in after leaving the initial area and they by now know if they enjoy the game or not. And if they do, they want to see it all so someone who likes SWTOR up to that point might be a possible client and even one monthly subscription from a single person can do its part in keeping the money flowing.

Posts: 596

Silly developers, that's all I can say... I don't get why they are so concerned about the subscribers, it's like what now? Less than 500.000 people?

Posts: 228

"cheapen the experience" as in "oh no, there's 30% more people wearing the same epic loot armor as I am?" (I'm not actually sure what those warzones are/do).