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Survive the Apocalypse in ARMA 3

By Toast28-07-2013

By now you should all have heard about the very popular mod for ARMA 2 called DayZ, right? Now you'll possibly be interested to know that it's available to play in the ARMA 3 engine thanks to Zoombie, and boy does it looks pretty!

The game looks pretty damn good in the ARMA 3 engine, as does the weapons, vehicles and zombies...well...err...they certainly do look more creepy, at least creepier in more of a lush HD way! A noticeable big change to ARMA 3 is the new and improved inventory system that is more catered towards being used for scavenging and storing things more easily. This will benefit mods like DayZ and possibly some other future mods.

If you want to give the mod a try for yourself, head on over to Zoombie's website. You'll just have to create an account to access it.

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