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Survive Meteors with Guncraft

By Leigh Cobb22-05-2013

Guncraft is a game currently vying for your attentions via Steam's Greenlight service, described as a voxel based first person shooter and 'construction experience'. Think Ace of Spades and Minecraft mixed together. Now, one of its game modes lets you survive... meteors?!

That's right, survival a steady storm of meteors raining from the sky, laying waste to your beautifully created maps and spreading fire and death everywhere. I'm not sure on how developer Exato Games are planning on bringing the games multiplayer and base building into this game mode, but it looks exciting nonetheless. Maybe this one will be better received than Ace of Spades which, despite promising ideas, fell a bit flat in some reviewers eyes.

Guncraft also had its own Kickstarter project which just managed to raise the $16,000 required with $16,487. You can still express an interest on Greenlight if you want this game on the service.

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