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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever

By Bis18marck7020-11-2012

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance might not be the newest game on the market, in fact far from it, but it still holds a fascination with more than a few RTS players. Arguably one of the beacons of the genre, building up your mass and energy stockpile to wage war on an epic scale just never gets old. With the official servers long decommissioned, a community-driven Forged Alliance Forever has stepped out of the abyss to bring us sweet salvation.

The multiplayer client does not only allow players to relieve the battles that fill them with nostalgia all these years but it will also continually update itself. Players can look forward to new units, new factions and new game modes (6vs6). For a detailed rundown of the features, read on:

• Active development. GPGNet is dead. FAF is under active development to continually add new and exciting features, and ensure that any bugs discovered will be quickly dealt with.

• Longevity. There is no guarantee that GPGNet will always be around. FAF is a community-supported project, and already has funding to support its server for several years.

• Live replays are always on and always working, with a 1-minute delay to remove the possibility of cheating during tournaments or ranked games.

• Exciting new game modes such as the Nomads (an entirely new playable faction), Experimental Wars (adds many new units to the game), Murder Party, LAB WARS, Phantom X, and many more featured mods. All are integrated directly into the client so it’s easy to setup a game with others, and even come with their own Leaderboards.

• Automatic patching. This means you will have the latest balancing, closest to what the developers originally intended. (it’s patch is based off of the 3603 beta patch which GPG had put into beta testing, but THQ would not provide final QA for and thus was never officially released)

• TrueSkill rankings for both ranked 1v1 and all custom games. TrueSkill is a vastly superior rating system which can accurately take into consideration 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s, FFAs, and any other game type.

• Responsiveness. Chat is faster, not limited to only 100 participants, and can be joined with any IRC client. FAF is designed from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, and efficient. Logging in and getting a game going takes seconds, not minutes!

• 12 player games. 5v5s and 6v6s are possible on FAF.

• Non-destructive patching. It patches the game separately from your current installation. That means that you can continue to use GPGNet and FAF concurrently – they do not “overwrite” each other.

Ready to blow stuff up once again? Get the client from here.

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