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Super Ubi Oopsie Doopsie

By Bobfish16-05-2013

A very fussy fuss, remedied with a lot less fuss than expected. Super Ubi Land has been renamed Super Ubie Land, after Ubisoft raised an eyebrw at the game was already fully funded and thus suitably publicised not to be hidden under a rock behind your Grandmother's fridge after she moved to Patagonia. Given that all Andrew Augustin, the developer, did was add one letter that does nothing to change the pronounciation and Ubisoft are absolutely fine with this...leaves me wondering why they bothered in the first place. Perhaps some bizarre attempt to give him some extra exposure by making themselves seem overbearing and reactionary. It all seems rather pointless to me. But it's nice to see it end so amicably. Plus the extra exposure really is a good thing. So it all worked out well in the end.

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