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Suit up With The Super Saints!

By Toast30-10-2013

Now that some of us have returned to Saints Row 4 for the latest piece of story DLC, Enter the Dominatrix, some of us are wondering if there is something missing. Well, fortunately Volition likely thought the same thing with their latest piece of DLC titled the Super Saints Pack. Which is now available to purchase on Steam for £2.49 and the equivalent in other parts of the now non-existent world. The pack consists of 2 new super hero costume skins, 2 male and female variants, and a super large submachine gun!  Now you can look the part of the super hero, while having the costumes! Zinyak will not be pleased with your anti-superhero activities.

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Posts: 1548

More useless DLC - yeeey!

Posts: 166

Super heroes in Saints Row 4, give me a break.