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Sucking the Life Into Post War London

By Bobfish03-12-2015

Well, well, well. Not content with sending us all into a tizzy of emotional apoptosis in Life is Strange, DONTNOD are promising something that the world has been sorely lacking of late. Good vampire fiction.

Set against the backdrop of post Great War (1918) London, the game's Director Philippe Moreau recently released some tidbits of new information to get our palate's suitably moistened. Including, but not limited to, a closer look at Vampyr's protagonist Doctor Jonathan Reid. A man who served as a Haematologist (blood specialist) during the War to End All Wars. Which right there tells us a great deal about the overall tone of the narrative.

After all, how would a man of science, especially one who is versed in what would seem to be the cause of his new condition, adjust to and acclimate himself with his newfound standing as a supernatural sanguinarian? A most intriguing question at the best of times, but one all the more poignant when we consider the historical context of the era.

Superstition was crumbling beneath the wait of a new wave of scientific advancement, leaving an uneasy balance between old world belief and new age knowledge. I mean come on! How can you read that and not be even a tiny bit excited? It's one part of vampire mythology that just never seems to be considered, let alone explored.

I mean, there was a British TV show in the late 90s called Ultraviolet which kinda' touched on it. Trying to do a whole, we combat Leaches (as they called them) with science. And there have been other shows and films that have done the pseudo-science, in narrative explanation of what vampires are. Like the serum used in the Blade series. But no really notable attempts to base the story around these things.

Added over this is the assurance that every character, every single one, in game can be a target of your appetites. With each kill leading to both immediate and long term narrative consequences. A promise which, given DONTNOD's success with Life is Strange, should be considered well worth believing.

So check out the trio of conceptual artworks that come along with this news and keep your eyes glued on this one. There's a great deal of potential just waiting to be tapped.

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