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Stylin' Holmes

By Bobfish24-10-2013

By this point, the significant jump in visual fidelity afforded the latest chapter in the Holmes franchise has been well documented. Switching to the Unreal engine has, unsurprisingly given Crimes and Punishments an impressive graphical boost to be sure. Lighting and specular effects are generally the most obvious, easiest things to recognise. So today, our attention has been drawn to texture. As in, the texture of fabric.

For a more in depth explanation, click on through to the Frogwares blog. It's called Tiled Textures, and basically it's a crafty way of making something seem a lot busier than it is. You take one, small, pattern, duplicate it fifteen bajillion times and hey presto, incredible, ornate engraved clothing patterns ala the image below. Repeating textures are hardly something new to the industry of course, but they're usually for larger things (like the foliage in Crysis) rather than adding more fine details, like this, that people may not even recognise. Which is a shame, and exaplains why this has been brought to our attention. I mean, just look at it, it's an extremely impressive end result wouldn't you agree?

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