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Stronghold Crusader II and Skirmishes

By JcDent31-03-2014

I think it's kind of peculiar how beloved Stronghold Crusader is. I mean, none of the later Stronghold games have garnered that much love, and neither did the original game. Yet Crusader persists, on the fun value of its siege skirmishes (it didn't really have as strong a campaign as the first game). Well, Stronghold Crusader II is on the way and as this trailer shows, it's bringing all the classics back.

The game will feature skirmish for up to 8 AI or real players. The colourful AI opponents from the previous games also seem to be making a return. Saladin is going to be there, as well as Caliph and all other greats. And, as the video shows, the game is basically Stronghold Crusader: Now In 3D. Which is a good thing, because all other Stronghold games tried to mix things up and failed. Oh God how they failed (looking at you, Legends).

It now remains to be seen if the game will be good enough for reviewers not to complain that it's basically the same thing in new duds.

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