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Strong Like Bear

By eremeticskeptic23-03-2014

The fact that we're getting a slew of simulators done in postmodern jest is fantastic. The Internet is permeating everything everywhere, and it's just beautiful. Sublime, if you will. Goat Simulator was a fitting entry to the genre by adding in animal simulation, but now we have Bear Simulator, a game where you play in “first person bear”, according to Farjay Studios. The developer also states that “it's like a mini Skyrim, but you're a bear”. The early alpha footage is, well, breath-taking. Truly, truly majestic.

The game promises an open world with secrets that will blow your mind, then promptly cuts to a scene of the bipedal bear jumping from ledge to ledge on a spooky broken down bridge. Things aren't all bear here, if you get what I'm saying. I thought the best part of the video was the last bit, where it's hinted that there's a Sasquatch in the forests of Bear Simulator. Sasquatch might as well be my state's (Oregon) animal with the amount that we love that big fuzzy guy here. Anything that includes a Sasquatch is something I'm about, and puts me in “shut up and take my money” mode immediately, so that's when I decided to check out Bear Simulator's Kickstarter.

The description of the game on their Kickstarter mentions activities such as eating fish and plants, attacking other animals, and going back to your den to sleep at night to heal yourself. All of these activities were illustrated in the trailer, and were surprisingly smooth given how early on it is in the development process. The lighting, shadows, and other background elements to the graphics of Bear Simulator really were “mini Skyrim”-y, which really blows your hair back when you realize that the game is coming from an indie developer.

I started reading about Bear Simulator for the humor, and it's definitely there, but the further I got, the more genuinely excited for the game I became. How can you not? There's obvious care and love going in to this game, and I for one, am really wishing I had $500 to give them so I could be a spooky portrait in a creepy in-game cabin. They deserve it – this just looks AWESOME.

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Haha I love how the bear is bipedal :D

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