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Strong-armed Digital Sales

By Toast27-07-2013

Hey hey EA, how much money have you made today? Well since the report on their rather 'flat' performance, they've apparently been doing pretty well in terms of digital sales on multiple platforms including PC. Mike Rose from Gamasutra managed to grab this quote off of EA'S Peter Moore, "Our quarter was notable for the high percentage of revenue attributable to digital games and services... To that end, Apple was EA's biggest retail partner measured by sales, and that, is a first." What does this mean? Apple seems to be getting a big slice of the pie compared to other platforms (PC Digital apparently getting the least slice from their Origin department according to the charts from above and below, but notice it still is generating a lot of money for EA).

So now that we know this, what are EA's intentions? Apparently they're inclined to focus more on the digital aspect of things, for obvious reasons, but are apparently interested to invest more on the platforms that are performing better digitally in sales. "There's still a very active gaming business on Facebook and in the social channels, and we do participate there with several franchises and services. But our emphasis and focus over the next several years is going to be on mobile and HD consoles."

I hope they're not going to leave our platform of choice out of the cold entirely, especially after their statement of centralising Origin and making it a service we want to use. What will the outcome be from all of this? Only time will tell and we'll likely keep you updated on what is next, stay tuned in kids.

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