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Strike Suit Oculus

By JcDent06-08-2013

Strike Suit Zero is a game about jumping in a space fighter, transforming it into a mecha and using it blow up uppity colonists.

Well, the select few Oculus Rift owners can now enjoy the Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift Beta. In the video, the devs are talking about the difficulties of transforming the game into Oculus form. For me, the strange thing is that they thought of it at all. Strike Suit is an arcade-y, not that visually impressive nor hardcore game - and thus, there's little use from using Rift. Now, Warthunder (or World of Warplanes) could use it a lot (if only for the simple use of SEEING IF A FRIENDLY PLANE IS ABOUT TO CRASH INTO YOU).

If you have both Oculus and the game, tell us about your experiences!

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Posts: 1548

I really want the oculus :(

Posts: 53

Oh god there goes my wallet as I pull all stops trying to secure an Oculus.