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Strider Returns

By Toast19-07-2013

Capcom would like to inform us that the legendary ninja assassin, Strider Hiryu is returning to our screens and he's bringing friends too on a new adventure. The game is being developed by Double Helix who plan to bring back many of the iconic gameplay features such as "lightning quick combat and ground-breaking free-flowing traversal," which has inspired many of today's 3rd person action games, from all those years ago.

It's described as being open world which will give players the opportunity to gaining new abilities and items to help them engage the enemy and open up more options in the world. The story of the game is that the year is Meio: 048 and that the world is under the oppression and slavery of Grand Master Meio. The objective for the young ninja Hiryu is to take down this Grand Master. On your adventure you'll be meeting and beating (not greeting) up some cybernetic soldiers to bio-mechanical creatures, fancy that huh? You'll not be alone in battle, as you can call in support from your friends to help you defeat your opponents.

The plans are to currently bring it as a digital only title to PC and other platforms, and the projected release date is expected to be around early 2014, more details to follow soon, so watch this space.


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They've had the sense to keep it 2D, that's a good start

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Capcom has not won me over with many of their games in the past few years but they have had some gems hidden in the dirt. I will wait and see.