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Street Fighter V to Include Full Story Mode

By drcoolio34526-01-2016

There have been plenty of comics, arcade stories, and bios for every character in the Street Fighter rosters. From the obscure and mysterious Skullomania to the series face Ryu, but there's never actually been a single, canonical, storyline featured in a game complete with cutscenes and narrative. Street Fighter V is looking to change that.

With the game launching in just a few weeks, Capcom is already backing up their promise to keep Street Fighter V alive for a long, long time into the future by developing a story mode to release in June as free DLC. This is in addition to the DLC characters in the works right now of course.

Yoshinori Ono said that he wants to "develop a story mode that essentially bridges the events of Street Fighter IV with Street Fighter III, which comes later in the universe's chronology" with Street Fighter V's story mode, which makes sense considering Street Fighter III's Urien and Dudley are two of the future DLC characters.

From the trailer it looks like Bison is up to no good again with help from Fang and Vega, so no surprises there, but what's Necali's role in the story? Why is Nash looking for Guile? What's that big, purple, exploding psycho-nuke? Why did Capcom shape Fang's face like a giant grain of rice? All these questions and more are likely to be answered come June this year.

Street Fighter V is set to be released in February 16th for the PS4, Windows, and Linux, and will feature cross-platform play between the platforms.

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