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Street Fighter V - Laura Revealed

By drcoolio34509-10-2015

We've all been trolled by that cruel Yoshinori Ono! The Brazillian fighter hitting the Street Fighter V roster isn't Blanka, but a brand new character, Laura!

Laura is a hardcore grapple character that uses her grapples as enders, as anti-airs, and as a way to rush in on opponents. While her grappling style might be similar to Zangief or R. Mika, she's much faster than either one of them, and has a fireball and mobility closer to that of Nash.

Laura's V-Skill is "Linear Movement," a skill that lets her quickly dash in and through projectiles to close the distance so she can get her grapple on. She can dash forwards, backwards, or stay neutral to perform an overhead. Her V-Trigger on the other hand improves already existing skills "including increased travel with Linear Movement, additional stun on attacks and grabs, and more distance for her fireball, Thunder Clap" according to Shoryuken.com

She's not entirely dissimilar to Blanka however. In her opening shot you can see her snap her fingers and some oh-so-familiar electricity jolt in her hand, and in the closing shot her super is shown to be a Blanka ball. Laura shares the last name Matsuda with Shaun, who some Street Fighter fans might remember from Third Strike, and there are even rumors on the internet about her being the disciple of Dan and Blanka.

Still no official release date, but it's predicted to come out Q1 of 2016, and in the meantime there are closed betas for people who pre-order.

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