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Street Fighter V Game Modes

By drcoolio34501-02-2016

On the weekend at the Taipei Game Show, Capcom released a trailer exploring all of the different game modes players can expect at launch for Street Fighter V.

• Character Story Mode: SFV has 16 characters not including the DLC characters to come, and each one has their own story mode. Beating story modes unlocks character-specific costumes, gets you fight money for the in-game market, and give some personality to each character.

• Network Battle: This is what will keep people playing Street Fighter. Fighting against people online, one on one, determining who's the best. There's casual and ranked matches, but if you want to fight the best players out there or just play with a friend online, this is your mode.

• Survival Mode: Survival Mode is all about seeing how many opponents you can beat in a row while under a set of restrictions. You can set these restrictions, but the harsher they are and the farther you get, the better the reward will be.

• Tutorial Mode: Fighting games are hard to learn, that's why SFV has a tutorial that can teach new players how to throw hadokens and when to use shoryukens. This mode is also for street fighter veterans new to SFV since it explains how V-Triggers and V-Reversals work.

• Training Mode: The tutorial won't teach you everything though, and that's where Training mode comes in. Harder things like comboing, canceling, and crossing up your opponent is best learned through repetition in the training mode where you can set up and prepare for most situations you'll find yourself in online.

• Capcom Fighting Network (CFN): An in game data-tracker that keeps tabs on players. Are they dominating everyone they go up against? Who's online and where? What did their last match look like? You can look all of that up and even watch replays of their matches using CFN.

More modes including a fully fledged story mode will be added to SFV post-launch, but these are what you can be expecting come February 16th.

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