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Street Fighter V, Five Day Beta Test Starting Tonight!

By elethio27-08-2015

Capcom have announced a five day Beta test starting tonight from midnight (4pm PST). PC owner can enter the Beta by pre-ordering the game, prices are around £40-£45 from various outlets, but better get a digital copy if you want to take part in the test.

Entry to the Beta was free for PS4 owners, except the deadline for registration was back in July.

The Purpose of the Beta is to test the multiplayer, so there may be some down time from servers during this time while code is update.

Sagat and Vega, will be making a return in Street Fighter V, I haven't seen these two since Street Fighter 1 & 2 respectively, so this is an immediate nostalgia winner for me. There will also be one all new character Necalli, who specialises in Grappling.

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