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Stranger’s Worth HD: It. Is. Out.

By Bis18marck7014-09-2012

I admit, the title wasn’t ingenious, but what in all the blazes am I supposed to say? Stranger’s Wrath HD, the remake of the original that came out in 2005, has finally made it to PC – really, that’s all that needs to be said. So close this window and get gaming! Oh, wait, you want me to give you a short story so that you can marvel at my non-existent eloquence? Fine!

So back in 2005 when Stranger’s Worth was released it was, with several award nominations, very well received. The story is quite simple with you being Stranger, a bounty hunter who hunts all sorts of criminals for moolah – the in game currency. Ultimately, after locking up criminals for the rest of their lives, he wants to undergo some life-saving medical treatment so that at least he can live happily ever after. Although quite generic, the fun comes out of the games animations, graphics style and of course the live ammunition – angry tribbles (need I say more?) - that you use to bombard your enemies.

Now, if you have been following this game, you will probably know that getting the Stranger’s Wrath HD remake out there was quite a quest. Although first said to be released on PC 2-3 months after the PS3 issue, which was in mid-December last year, it’s fairly obvious that this goal was not meet. The Xbox 360 version too has been full of problems, to the degree where the developers, even though the game was ready, could not launch it on said console due to an issue with Microsoft being…well, Microsoft. But finally our wait has been rewarded and the HD remake has been launched on PC. Those of you that have the game should have noted the update by now and to you I can only say: Have fun!

For the others – well, with a 30% discount on Steam this might be the perfect time to get this title. And if you don’t know what all the fuss is about, check out the trailer her.

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Awesome!!! I have this on pc and ps3, been playing it in 3d on the ps3 and it's a lot of fun. Gotta see this running on my pc.