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Strange Butterflies

By Bobfish15-08-2014

Remember Remember Me? Wait, can I even grammar? Let's try that again.

Do you remember the game titled Remember Me? The thematically intriguing but kinda' 'eh' existential memory jigsaw game published by Capcom? Well, the people behind that, DONTNOD, have a new, similar, idea named Life is Strange. That they're bringing to us by partnering with Squeenix. Where Remember Me featured the manipulation and restructuring of memory as a tool for investigation, the shtick this time is rearranging time itself. Clearly inspired in no insignificant way by the flawed, but thoroughly enjoyable The Butterfly Effect. The first one, not the Gods awful sequels. Granted, the time jumps are over much smaller periods and triggered without need of a visual aid, but they serve a similar purpose, and the effect when it happens is identical.

Gameplay shows a clear emphasis on slow, methodical exploration, with tooltips everywhere and a curious, scribbles on paper sheen over everything when you highlight it. Usually, that kind of thing is an instant turn off for me. However, with the off key art style of a...watercolour comic? It actually works in this case. I'm still hoping we have options to turn it off if we so choose, because I'm just like that. But it isn't totally out of place for a change. We're also shown some, in this case very simple, puzzle solving. Which is where the time dilation comes into play. If you happen to naff something up, rather than reloading a checkpoint, you literally...reload a checkpoint. In time, in game, in setting. Rewind the clock a little ways and do it over.


This looks pretty darn fascinating.

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My personal opinion of remember Me is, shall we say, less favourable than my journalistic integrity will allow me to confess...in the news. In comments I'm quite happy to say it was pretentious bollocks with all the narrative complexity of a two year old's shit thrown at a piece of paper.

The concept was genuinely interesting though. And I suspect my largest problems stem far more from Capcom modelling than the devs themselves. Because, as we all know, Capcom's writing staff are the very pinnacle of nuanced plot. Square...urgh, they're just as bad though, which leaves me still skeptical this can succeed in the long run. But I live in hope

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I think they released that gameplay trailer on accident. It's not available anymore.
Anyways, i really loved what they did with remember me. Especially the art-design was incredible.