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Storm - Payday In Space

By MrJenssen23-01-2014

Swedish developer Starbreeze have done quite alright for themselves during the past year. Their annual report is proof of that. Payday 2 alone sold 1,6 million copies during its first month on the market, and though Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons didn't cover the development costs contributed by publisher 505 Games, it was certainly highly regarded by those who purchased it and those who reviewed it. So far, they're looking to make it up with sales in the long run.

There is also a little hint towards what Starbreeze might be cooking up next. On page 25 in the report, you'll find a small paragraph about an upcoming game with the working title 'Storm'. It is supposedly a new concept based on the technology and design philosophy behind the Payday games. Being a cooperative sci-fi shooter, it can apparently best be described as "PAYDAY in space" - their words, not mine.

No one seem to know a whole lot more about the game, or whether it was intentional or accidental to "announce" the game in this manner. Hopefully, Starbreeze themselves will soon come out with a statement on the matter. Until then, I'll have you know that Payday 2 just got a large content patch that introduced an Infamy system and added more masks, patterns and materials. Happy cop-killing, everyone!

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