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Storm of Vengeance Trailer Demands Vengeance

By JcDent27-02-2014

Were this 4chan (/tg/ to be specific), I'd just say something unpleasant about Games Workshop and be done with it. Since the editing team demands civility and I have to pretend that I'm an adult and a professional (as well as an officer and a gentleman), here goes something else. Warhammer 40000: Storm of Vengeance is an upcoming PC and lesser platform game based on 40K campaign of the same name. The Space Marines of Dark Angels chapters, a whole hundred of them, are sent to defend a planet against an ork (with a k) invasion. According to the trailer, boring Plants vs. Zombies action ensues.

Yes, 40K, mostly known about its outrageous style that makes every other illustration be fitting for a heavy metal cover, is transformed into a slow and boring "lane strategy" game. You place your "base" on one side of the screen, the enemy on the other, and generated troops lurch directly forward in one of the five lanes. If they don't meet an opponent slowly inching the other way, they get to the other side of the field and maybe even damage stuff. Iron Clad tactics looks like a Michael Bay movie in comparison.

Game Workshop, as of late, seems to be scared of studios with established names and skill, as well as expensive, quality games. This is sort of understandable: if you give people a good enough 40K video game, they'll probably be less inclined to play the tabletop version, especially when building the most simple army could cost more than, say, buying Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War and both of its good expansions on their launch day.

So that's how we have a promised Space Wolf card game, this piece of mobile showelware, an Armageddon war game by Slytherine that so far produced no news and Eternal War, an MMO made by a highly untested, if highly enthusiastic studio. Space Hulk made slip because Games Workshop had dropped Specialist Games like it's hot and infested by plague.

In the grim darkness of the immediate future (Storm of Vengeance comes "this spring), there are only bland, unambitious games.

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I'm looking forward to Eternal War. The others, not nearly so much.