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Storm of Vengeance to Come Next Year

By JcDent03-12-2013

What the hell is it with the small Warhammer 40.000 games these days? A virtual no-name makes Space Hulk, Slytherine (a lesser known Grand Strategy publisher) goes for Armageddon Steel Legion against Orks, there's a card game in the works. And now, Eutechnyx is making Storm of Vengeance, a 40K "lane strategy" game, which might just be another way to say "this is like MOBA, but...". I suspect Demigod level shenanigans with mobs that can follow heroes.

Which is a bit strange, since it's a game made around the module of the same name, where a company of Dark Angel Space Marines (100 superhuman killing machines in power armor) are sent to stop an Ork WAAAGH on the planet Piscina IV. Even for Space Marines, that's a tall order. And even taller for MOBA, because 100 Marines aren't exactly mob material and none of the original scenarios let you field Imperial Guardsmen, who are perfect for that role.

However, we have no actual  details, no video, no pictures...just the accouncement that it's coming. Oh, and the game seems to be mobile first, PC port later. Damn them!

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