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Still Breathing Fire 10 Years Later

By BloodyFanGirl03-08-2013

Capcom have announced a fair few new online games recently. Earlier this year they announced Monster Hunter Online exclusively for China, Monster Hunter Frontier G for PS3 & WiiU in Japan as well as PS4 MMORPG Deep Down. Now they've announced Breath of Fire 6 for PC, Android and iOS.

Previous entries in the Breath of Fire series had been released around the world by Capcom on the SNES, PS1 & PS2. However recent entries in the series have been limited to Japan only mobile game titles. But now, 10 years after the last numbered Breath of Fire game, Capcom have announced the 6th instalment. Interestingly this one won't be coming to consoles but shall be released on tablets, smart phones and PC instead. Japan will get the game in the summer of 2014 but Eurogamer reports that it is "currently undecided" whether the west will be getting it too.

You can see a list of awesome games that we may never see on western shores and their release dates for Japanese and Asian markets here.

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