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Sticks & Stones May Break Your Bones, But Bullets Will Do Way More

By MrJenssen15-02-2014

In keeping with the promise of posting monthly video dev diaries, Rebellion's second diary promoting Sniper Elite 3 is now up. The topic of discussion: The franchise's hallmark feature, the X-ray killcam.

Not a whole lot new is shown, but the studio does go into some detail about exactly why they like their brutalizing killcam, and why they want to expand upon it from previous iterations in the franchise. It's now more detailed than ever, showing arteries and muscle tissue, and the skeleton can be pierced and destroyed dynamically rather than at a few set points, as was the case with Sniper Elite V2.

They've also gone to great lengths to improve the sound design, allowing no vegetable to escape unharmed. Melons, grapes, even those god-awful celery things invented by the devil. They must all endure the torture so that you can get the best squishy sound when you turn some Nazi's brain into pulp with a well placed bullet. Because let's face it. We're all here for the killcam.

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I aim to please! Get it? Hue hue.

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Yes, but will the game be any good?

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Love the title.