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Step Into The Ruined World Of Mordheim

By WskOsc09-10-2015

Mordheim was a tabletop game before it was a computer game, set in the Warhammer Fantasy world. The story is that a comet has struck the city of Mordheim and scattered wyrdstone, a type of gem, throughout the land. Players can choose between human mercenaries, Clan Eshin Skaven, Sisters Of Sigmar, or the chaos aligned Cult Of The Possessed. Each faction is after the wyrdstone, battling for various reasons and with varying tactics to suit each faction's strengths.

The above video features a lot of gameplay and explains the scope of the game nicely but if you can't wait to get your mitts on it it's available on Steam early access for £23.99 right now and is due for release sometime in November.

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Looks like it's time for me to put some money aside