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Steam's Dark Pulse

By Bobfish12-06-2013

To coincide with the arrival of Magrunner Dark Pulse for pre-order on Steam...that's Cthulhu. Picture. Screenshot. One picture. That's frikkin' Cthulhu dude! The Cthulhu.

"A week from its release on PC, Magrunner Dark Pulse, the action/physics game, is proud to present an impressive Lovecraftian image! We will say nothing about the image to keep the mystery and suspense for players who will soon be immersed in this incredible adventure created by Frogwares Studio."

You don't need to say anything! It's bloody Cthulhu! I mean, come on, you've been billing this as a Lovecraftian adventure...thing since the very beginning. Now you're giving us a screenshot of Cthulhu. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the climax of the game will be a tea party with scones and toasted crumpets in an old stately manor. Or an epic duel for the souls of all living things with all squid mouth himself. But my money's on the tea party. Why?

Because it's f**king Cthulhu!

Those who pre-purchase via Steam will have instant access to the Beta, which offers twelve of the more than forty test chambers that will be available in the final release. The rest of which will unlock when Magrunner officially releases 20/06/2013 at £14.99. Until the...that's Cthulhu!

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Dude. I've seen enough hentai...

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Yep, too much Cthulhu. That said, I'm now interested in it.

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Your mom is a lame joke.

Actually, it really is, since it's not even a joke It's just something asshats say when they insist on having the last word and saying something offensive

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YOU are a lame joke, Xidio. HAH! Burn.

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Too much cthulhu, should know when you put too much effort into a lame joke.