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Steam Workshop: Sharing The Profits

By BloodyFanGirl28-06-2013

Valve announced yesterday that those who have created items for the Dota 2 and the Team Fortress 2 workshops can now give a percentage of what they earned from the in-game sales of those items to those who helped them make it.

A Steam Community post written by Interaction Designer Alden Kroll explains, "Creating high quality content for games is rarely a solo endeavor. Along the way, item creators often make use of specialized tools and receive help, guidance, and feedback from various communities and individuals. We've heard from a number of item creators that are looking for a formal way of recognizing and rewarding the toolmakers and service providers that have helped them. Now they can!"

Now, when you submit an item for sale made for the workshop, you can select from a list of various companies, organisations and individuals to receive some of the whatever revenue you make from sales of your item. However it's worth clarifying that this will be taken from a set amount that is redirected from Valve to the toolmakers and is not taken from the item creator's royalties.


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If it was anyone other than Valve, I'd have been shocked. But because it's Valve...I'd say I'm more vindicated, if that makes sense. It was unexpected, but not unprecedented.

I think.

I know what I mean!

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Yeah, I was really surprised by that too L but that does sound like that's what they're doing. Woo, Good Guy Valve!

Posts: 3290

So, wait. Valve have added revenue sharing, and are taking it out of their cut off the profits, and people still wonder why we're so rabidly loyal to them?!