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Steam & Twitch Together at Last

By BloodyFanGirl08-07-2013

People with both a Steam and a Twitch account can now join their accounts together in a glorious gaming union. This unification also fixes a small nuisance that was previously involved in the watching of competitive Dota 2 matches.

Before, gamers had to choose between watching Dota 2 matches either in-game or through Twitch. The latter option meant that those players watching via Twitch would be excluded from getting randomly dropped promo items. This latest linking of these two gaming services means that these players are now still eligible to get the special items (permitting that their Steam account has the necessary virtual tournament ticket connected with it).

Dota 2 should launch around August 7th when its largest yearly event, The International, starts.


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@Stunt: I can't understand the obsession with sports.

@Bread: Tweam?

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@Stunt - nor can I, but it is amazing how quick Twitch became so popular O.o

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I cant understand the obsession with e-sports and streaming.