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Steam: The Japanese Are Coming

By Bis18marck7008-09-2012

With an ever increasing number of Japanese titles making it on to Steam, Marvelous AQL will soon join into the fun with their title: Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy. While the name might remind you more of what CoD calls a ‘progression system’, the title that will be released on September 27, will mark the next release in the partnership between Valve and MAQL. Indeed, cooperation between the two companies has been on-going for some time, with Valve assisting Japanese developers and publishers with English translations, support and the publishing itself.

Half-Minute Hero, although considered widely as an entertaining and fun game for those that like the style, had only meagre success in terms of copies sold. The release on Steam might prompt a new interest in the game as well as giving the publishers some respite when it comes to advertisement and pricing. Other than that, we could see titles such as Luminous Arc 3, No More Heroes and Grand Knights History, to follow in the footsteps of Half-Minute Hero. Should these games do well on Steam then who knows, there might be something bigger just lurking around the corner.

Are you interested in the releases of the MAQL-Valve partnership? Well, if you have any questions or would like to give some constructive feedback, tweet them @HalfMinuteHero.


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Posts: 32

Brilliant news! Half-minute Hero is a clever little microcosm of everything JRPG, without all the extra grind. I'm glad more people will be finally able to play it.

Posts: 1548

I don't care about Bionetta too much but I'd like to see Vanquish. Also no more heroes looked interesting

Posts: 67

Let the come! Platinum, bring me Bayonetta and Vanquish.