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Steam Subscribes To Limit Your Bandwidth

By Bobfish26-04-2013

Introduced in the Beta client (which lead to me restarting for four separate updates for some reason) Steam now has an optional download limit, amongst other features. For those who don't know about Beta participation, it can be accessed from Settings > Account > Beta Participation. Click the change box, choose any available updates from the drop down list and, usually, restart Steam to apply them. I often find, personally, the client to be more stable whenever there's a Beta, though not by a massive degree. This particular update, however, does bring some pretty nifty new features along with it.

We can also reveal that a future update to Steam will allow you to manage all of your subscription based games (MMOs and the like) directly from within Steam. There is no precise date, as yet, for when this will take effect, or details on how this will affect games purchased outside of Steam however. Perhaps, as some (including myself) have requested, we will finally have the option of downloading the client directly from Steam, instead of having to purchase a new account or use the demo, then log in with an existing account.

We'll update you with nitty-gritty as and when we hear more. But for the moment we can confirm that the first game to adopt this service will be Darkfall: Unholy Wars. Honestly, it's kind of surprising that this has taken so long to become a thing. Having one hub to check all of your subscriptions is much, much more convenient than having to manually log into each account to check payment dates and amounts each month/quarter/whatever cycle you choose to renew on. But it's happening now, and it's good old Steam that's meeting our needs. Just another example of why we love them so much. Leave you comments in the box at the bottom.


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Even I am not above trolling for views from time to time :p

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@Stuntman - you can. Alt-Tab the game and hit "resume". I know, it's not optimal. But it's at least possible.

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Felt the title was a bit misleading. Sounded to me like Steam was involved in some evil plot with some big corporation to... well, limit our bandwidth or some shit. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

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I wish it was possible to control it when you are in the game (pause/resume) as well.

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The download manager is one of the worst parts of Steam. Not gamebreaking, but still.