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Steam Selling Movies

By WskOsc01-09-2015

It's a little bizarre to think of Steam as a place where you can buy movies but they've been selling indie movies for quite a while but to the best of our knowledge this is the first time that Steam have released actual big budget movies. There's worse way to start than Mad Max and any Steam user can probably tell you that the potential for savings on movies is huge, though it's worth noting that they're currently marked “System Test” on the store page and so Valve might be testing the waters for expanding the Steam platform.

Now, how to fit in time to watch movies between all the games?


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I agree with MrJenssen, though I wonder if they'll be included in Steam sales eventually with the option to download them to your library.

Posts: 1317

Saving? They cost as much as the physical bluray versions. And you don't get to download them, you only get to stream them. So it's like Netflix, only you pay twice the price of the monthly subscription, and you only get ONE movie for that price.