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By Bobfish25-01-2014

An interesting tidbit has come to light about Steam. Specifically, Steam pre-orders. Whilst the ability to cancel them is not a new thing. What is new is that you can now do so without contacting Steam support. This is one of those things that really should have been an option right from the off, but...Valve-time.

This revelation comes our way via the good people at Valvetime.net, which have confirmed that the funds will be returned to your Steam Wallet, irrespective of the original method. That last part is less inspiring, but still, the fact that the ballache of going through Steam Customer Support is something that will make a lot of people happy. Personally, I've never had any trouble with them, maybe I'm just lucky?

Either way, this is a good thing.


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Wow, that is pretty great. Way to go Steam!!!

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So what about the pre-orders that come with free games, usually the pre-order sequel will come with the first game free. How will it work with that? Surely people could play the free game, finish it before the pre-order is released then get a refund

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Yey, Steam is becoming consumer friendly!