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Steam Mobile Update on iOS

By PeterChi16-12-2013

The Steam mobile app from Valve has been updated to version 1.3 which allows users to use offline chat, send push notifications and shakes up how the friends list looks a bit too. The downside is that so far version 1.3 is only available on iOS. Valve are yet to comment on when these changes will be available on Android mobile devices which are currently still running on version 1.0.3.

The free Steam app was released last year on both iOS and Android, allowing Steam users to chat while away from their main computers and to browse the store and community groups. Most importantly the app allows you to keep up to date with the all-important Steam Sales so you don't miss out on having another game on your list that you might be able to get round to playing when you're 75. Perfect.


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Android sux

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What about us Android users? :(