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Steam Link Game Streaming Box

By NAG3LT05-03-2015

Just as Valve mentioned a few years ago, there have been plans to bring PC gaming to the living room via streaming. While full powered Steam Machines are meant to be full console replacements, people who already have powerful PCs do not want to buy another powerful device just to game in another room. For them, Valve has finally announced a small streaming device – Steam Link.

It is a small device, with 3 USB ports, Ethernet port and HDMI output. Valve says that it is capable of streaming 1080p content at 60 FPS with low latency. There is no information available about the hardware inside it now. Steam Link should be available this November for $49.99 in USA (pricing in other countries has not been mentioned yet). The Steam Controller should also appear on sale at the same time for the same $49.99 price.


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The latency should be low if your PC has hardware encoding and you will use a wired Ethernet connection to the Link. If you want to use Wi-Fi, you'd better have a very good wireless router for the task.

Posts: 81

Or people who have their PC's hooked up in an office or bedroom and want to play in the living room without having to lug their PC around. Completely depends on the latency and the range but if its proper, I definitely want one for my entertainment room.

Posts: 207

Bobfish, I think it might be a solution for houses with multiple Steam accounts...

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I have a much cheaper solution for playing PC games on my TV.

It's called an HMDI cable.

Still want one ¬_¬

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So...Apple TV for games then? I'm surprisingly ok with this...