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Steam hits the Big Screen

By siegarettes04-12-2012

Steam's Big Picture Mode has officially launched, allowing you to buy and play games, chat up your friends and browse the web from the comfort of your living room couch, using only a gamepad. Valve have decided to celebrate the way they celebrate any big event - with a sale! Multiple controller supported games have now gone on sale, with a good variety showing up: everything from Counter-Strike to Train Simulator.

Speaking from experience, Big Picture Mode is indeed a joy to use, and Valve have made some smart moves in the space that outdo some parts of the interfaces of actual game consoles originally designed for TV, particularly their brilliant "Daisywheel" text input system and "first person browsing". You can get caught up on the Big Picture over here and pick up some games to use it with over at the Steam store.


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Posts: 37

I need a full HD tv and quite a big HDMI cable before I'll use this, but seems like a nice feature.

Posts: 596

I love this update, mostly due to the fact I can finally install games onto my SSD from Steam! Took them long enough!!!!

Posts: 1317

Very nice sale too.

Posts: 241

I actually have a sofa in front of my PC and desk, so I will probably make good use of this by wheeling my chair out the way and sitting back in comfort :D I prefer using the 360 wired gamepad anyway for certain games.