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Steam Guides Make Debut On Public Beta

By SavageOcto14-12-2012

Valve has been very busy lately on improving Steam. They’ve added the Workshop to steam games to make it easier to find and install mods for Steam games. Game Hubs allow gamers to share their screenshots and discussion. They’ve also added ways for developers and the community to interact with each other more with Greenlight. They’re even bringing your PC games to your living room with Big Picture. So what’s next for Steam?

Released today on Steam’s public beta client are community guides. Adding a new tab to the Game Hub, guides allows you to create your own guide for any game you own, as well as view guides made by other players. Creating a guide can be as simple or complex as you want it. After selecting an image and description for your guide preview, you can add a table of contents, images, videos, and invite friends to collaborate with you on your guide.

The system also makes it easy for you to use screenshots or videos you’ve taken of your games and use them in your guide. Making a TF2 guide, for example, you can view screenshots or videos you’ve taken using steam and the in-game video capture off to the side. You can also insert YouTube videos you’ve made.

Valve seems dedicated to creating a bigger community for Steam. If you’re not already in the public beta and want to check out the new guides, just go to your settings and change your beta participation status.


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Posts: 1548

Sometimes you need a guide as tasks are quite illogical or just too well hidden.

Posts: 233

Who needs guides? Work it out yourself.