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Steam Guides Launched

By Mokman18-01-2013

Steam Guides, a long-awaited feature in Valve's Steam gaming hub, has been launched - allowing players world-wide to write and browse various walkthroughs and guides for various games. The geniuses behind Valve have done it again, creating another feature for Steam that was both unexpected and yet greatly welcomed at the same time.

Should one wish to create a guide, it is done so easily, by simply proceeding to the Guide tab in the Community page. There, you may add in pictures and even embed videos if you wish, but largely the process is intuitive and hassle-free. Even better, if you wish to access a guide midway through the game, you may do so through the steam overlay, rather than having to alt-tab your way out of the game. I daresay this is yet another success for Valve and the reason why Steam is still the most-used and loved gaming hub out there.


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The thing about Steam, is that even though many of use don't use many of the features they include, it's nice to know they're there just in case. Like pictures for example. I used to think that was a redundant feature, because everyone has Fraps. Then I started looking through people's galleries, then I noticed the Steam images are much smaller and I don't have to worry about losing them if my HDD fails. I almost never use guides, but every now and then you hit that one puzzle *shrug*

Better to have and not need

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It's a neat feature. Granted, I don't use most of steam's features, but I know a lot of people that buy their games on steam because of them.

Posts: 3290

Calling it right now. An enormous cut and paste job from GameFAQs.com incoming