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Steam Greenlight Adds Software Support

By Leigh Cobb18-10-2012

Steam's ever present Greenlight service, continually lurking in the background until one afternoon of boredom finds you actually taking a look into it, has been updated to allow for software to be greenlighted. To get the lowdown from Valve:

"Steam Greenlight has been updated today, adding the ability for developers to post non-gaming software for consideration by the Community. Software in Steam Greenlight will work just like games, where Valve is looking to the community to provide data on what they would like to see made available via Steam."

I guess this is a natural evolution in Steam's ever expanding array of services. My worry is that, if Valve keep adding things like software support and other eventual-world-domination plans, that Steam itself won't be able to support them all. I mean, Steam already loads slow and often struggles with basic tasks for me. Maybe improving speeds can be their next update.

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