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Steam Gets Soft(ware)

By RubyStreams02-10-2012

Steam users out there that feel games are just not enough, you need something more, well Steam now distributes software that your inner artist has been screaming out for.

Starting today you can now purchase a number of software applications including:

  • CameraBag2
  • 3DMark 11/Vantage
  • ArtRage Studio Pro
  • 3D-Coat
  • GameMaker: Studio

So, for all those budding 3D artists and future game designers, head on over to Steam now to start making works of art!


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Posts: 240

For some reason I really, really hated using GameMaker. It's good that it's free and it's also good enough way to start making games seeing as it's not particularly hard to use but, for whatever reason, I honestly couldn't stand it by the time we'd finished using it at University. Wish I could remember why though.

But, more on topic, it's great to see these kind of tools being added to Steam. I'd assume there's going to be plenty more incoming.

Posts: 1548

I wonder if we will gate sales on these too?