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Steam Dev Days and the Death of Greenlight

By PeterChi16-01-2014

Steam Developer Days is being taking place yesterday and today in Seattle by Valve. Dev Days is a two day conference held for game developers where they can go to lectures and, as far as we can tell from attendee's Twitter posts, get free stuff. The controller has completely remappable buttons and the Steam community will be able to vote on which key combination starts as default for each game. But, hold on. Forget about the controller for a second, what else did they get?

I just vomited down myself in jealousy.

During the lectures Gabe also mentioned that Steam has grown to have 75 million active users. An active Steam user is someone who has at least one purchase and has logged onto Steam in the last thirty days. That means that 75 million people have logged onto Steam in the last few days. Multiple accounts or not, that's impressive.

The future of Steam's Greenlight system has also been revealed to be in doubt, with it most likely to be phased out.

Not much of a surprise seeing as how difficult it is to navigate to find the good games amongst all the chaff on Greenlight, although some good games have come through it since its launch. Developers also got to try out Valve's head mounted display unit and it got some great reactions from people who have actually previously used the Oculus Rift. It sounds like the VR competition will be heating up when these are released commercially.

For some information on Steam Developer Days you can check the official site here, and to keep up with the news as it leaks out, check out #SteamDevDays on Twitter.

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